Man shot by police in London after stabbings

Two people were injured in what police described as a “terrorist-related” incident.

London’s Metropolitan Police Service said two people were stabbed in Streatham, located in the southern part of London and the unidentified man was then shot by London police officers.

Some reports have suggested that the man entered a shop and started stabbing people and appeared to have left the shop and stabbed a woman, possibly a cyclist.

Witnesses reported hearing three gun shots and a man was seen lying on the floor, as armed police approached.

The police force said the incident happened in the Streatham neighborhood of south London, a bustling residential area that doesn’t boast any major British landmarks like areas hit by earlier attacks. Gulled Bulhan, a 19-year-old student from Streatham, told Britain’s Press Association that he witnessed the attack.

“I was crossing the road when I saw a man with a machete and silver canisters on his chest being chased by what I assume was an undercover police officer — as they were in civilian clothing,” he said. “The man was then shot. I think I heard three gunshots, but I can’t quite remember.” (Feb. 2020).  London stabbings declared ‘terrorist-related’ after 2 injuredStreatham: Man shot dead by police after stabbings in London

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